Actrix Support

Billing & Payments

How do I receive my Actrix bill?
You will receive your Actrix bill on the same date each month to your preferred e-mail address.  This date is determined by the day you sign up with us.  For example, signing up on the 6th of May would mean you would receive your statement on the 6th of each month.

Alternatively, you may elect to receive this by post for an additional $2.00+GST each month.

You can set up paper statements or check your billing date through MyActrix, by contacting us via or calling us on 0800 ACTRIX (0800 228749).

How can I pay my bill?
Actrix can process payments by VISA and Mastercard, Direct Credit or Direct Debit.

You can also set the credit card to automatically process the charge monthly, five days after your billing date.

Direct Credits are typically set up through internet banking, whereas Direct Debits allow Actrix to withdraw the payment from your bank account ten days after your bill and is well-suited to bills that vary each month with services such as phone calls.

How do I view old invoices and payments?
By using your Actrix username and password, you can log into the MyActrix portal and view past invoices and payments along with current activity such as recent toll calls.