Actrix Support

Email Setup
This setup is for the standard email app that comes installed on some phones. It is preferable to set the account as IMAP and SMTP set to SSL.
1. Tap on Applications
2. Tap on Email
3. Enter email address
4. Enter password and tap Done
5. Choose Manual setup
6. Select IMAP account
7. Incoming Server Settings, the username, password and IMAP server should already be filled in, if not then enter the details
8. Tap Next
9. Outgoing Server Settings, the SMTP server should say, if not then enter the details
10. Ensure the Security type is SSL and Port number is 465
11. Require sign in should be ticked (depending on the Android version and phone, in this instance a Samsung Galaxy SIV)
12. Tap Next.
13. In account options you can select any special features you would like enabled
14. Tap Next and the account will be created.