Actrix Support

K9 Email Setup
K9 Mail is a more sophisticated mail program for android devices. This email program can be downloaded as an application from the Google Marketplace. Simply search for 'K9 email' and follow this setup guide.
1. Once you have it installed you will need to open the application and goto the “Settings” option
2. Choose “Add account” to add a new email account
3. Enter the email address and tap Next
4. Tap Manual setup and then Tap IMAP
5. Enter Username (should be already entered) and then Tap Next
6. K9 will check incoming server settings, tap cancel
7. A message will say setup could not finish
8. Tap edit details
9. Edit the IMAP server to and Tap Next
10. Edit the smtp server to and Tap Next
11. A message will say setup could not finish
12. Tap edit details
13. Set security to SSL, Always and choose Port 465. Require sign in should be ticked
14. Set Authentication type to Login
15. Tap Next, This will bring up an unrecognized certificate error, tap Accept Key
16. Now you will be able to setup the email poll frequency or how however the application will check for new email, number of messages to display and notification type. Once you have finished
17. Tap Next
18. Give the account a name (optional)
19. Tap Done.