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Outlook 2000 Setup
Follow the steps below to configure Outlook 2000

1. Open Outlook

2. From the Tools menu, choose Accounts

Outlook 2000 Setup

3. Click the Add button, and select Mail

4. Type your name in the Display name box

Outlook 2000 Setup

5. Click Next

6. In the E-mail address box type your Actrix e-mail address

Outlook 2000 Setup

 7. Click the Next button

 8. From the drop down box select POP 3

 9. In the Incoming mail server field type:

10. In the Outgoing mail server field type:

11. Click Next

12. Select Log on using:

13. In the POP account name box, type your Actrix username

14. In the Password box type your Actrix password

Outlook 2000 Setup

15. Click Next

16. Select Connect using my phone line if you are using Dial-up or Connect using my Local Area Network if you are using broadband.

Outlook 2000 Setup

17. Click Next

18. If you have already configured your computer to connect to the Internet through Actrix Networks check Use an existing dial-up connection and highlight the Actrix connection displayed.  If you haven't configured your computer to connect to Actrix go to Step 22.

Outlook 2000 Setup

19. Click Next

Outlook 2000 Setup

20. Click on Finish to save your settings

21. If you haven't configured your computer for Actrix Networks check Create a new dial-up connection

Outlook 2000 Setup

22. Click Next

23. In the Telephone number field enter:  086722874, ensuring you leave the area code blank

Outlook 2000 Setup

24. Click Next

25. Type in your Actrix username and password

Outlook 2000 Setup

26. Click Next

27. In the Connection name box type Actrix Networks

Outlook 2000 Setup

28. Click on Finish to save these settings

Outlook 2000 Setup

29. You have now configured Outlook for Actrix Networks