Actrix Support

Outlook Express 5
Follow the steps below to configure Outlook Express 5 for Actrix Networks

1. Click the Tools menu near the upper left of the screen.  In the drop box that appears click Accounts.

Outlook Express 5 Setup

2. In the Internet Accounts box that appears, be sure the Mail tab is selected and then click the Add button

3. In the small grey box that appears, click Mail.  The Internet Connection Wizard will appear. 

Outlook Express 5 Setup

4. Enter your Display name.  This is a label that will be sent with your e-mail, but should not be confused with your e-mail address.

Outlook Express 5 Setup

5. Click Next

6. Check I already have an e-mail address that I'd like to use

7. In the E-mail address field enter your Actrix e-mail address in the format

Outlook Express 5 Setup

8. Click Next

9. Your incoming mail server should be designated as a POP3 server

10. In the Incoming mail server field type:

11. In the Outgoing mail server field type:

Outlook Express 5 Setup

12. Click Next

13. In the Account name field enter your Actrix username (not your whole e-mail address)

14. In the Password field enter your Actrix password

15. If you select save password it can make checking your e-mail quicker and easier, however anyone sitting at your computer could send or receive e-mail without your knowledge.

16. Be sure that Secure Password authentication is not ticked

Outlook Express 5 Setup

17.  Click Next

18.  Click Finish to save your configuration

Outlook Express 5 Setup

19.  Close the Internet Accounts box

20.  Now when you click Send and Receive, Outlook Express will check your e-mail.  Copies of your outgoing e-mail will be saved in your Sent Items folder.