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Windows Live Mail
Follow the steps below to configure Windows Live Mail for Actrix Networks

1. Click on Add e-mail account on the left.

Windows Live Mail Help

2. Enter the following details into the new account screen then click Next.
    - E-mail address: Your Actrix E-mail address
    - Password: Your Actrix E-mail password
    - Display Name: The name you would like to appear on outgoing E-mails

Windows Live Mail Help

3. Select POP3 as the Incoming E-mail Server Type, enter the following details and press Next.

 Incoming Server:
 Port: 110
 Login ID: Your username (without the
 Outgoing Server:
 Port: 25

4. Click Finish to complete and Windows Live Mail is now setup to check your Actrix E-mail address.

Windows Live Mail Help