Actrix Tolls
Actrix Tolls is a direct dial calling service which means once it is enabled on your phone line every toll call you make receives our super 24 hour calling rates
You can check your calls at any stage during the month using My Actrix, just log in using your Actrix username and password then select Tolls Usage from the My Info menu at the top.

We will charge for all calls made using an area code, so if you want to make a free local call please don't dial an area code. You should also check any one touch dial numbers in your phone to make sure they aren't using area codes. It is also worth checking any Speed Dial, Call Forwarding, Caller ID or Alarm Service settings in case they use area codes too.

Please ensure you contact your previous tolls provider to disable any additional tolls related services (such as Telecom's Favourite Places) as some providers will not disable these automatically.

Residential capped calls are charged on a per minute basis until the cost cap is reached. You are not charged anymore unless the capped time limit is exceeded, at which point you are then charged the capped rate plus the standard per minute rate for any additional minutes.

Cell phone calls which are not answered by a person or service (e.g. call minder, call diversion, auto-response,etc) are not charged.

For more information on Actrix Tolls and the calling plans or charges available see the Residential or Business Toll Rates and the Toll Options in the menu on the left.

1,000 National Minutes

The 1,000 National Minutes optional service is based on a monthly billing cycle and will reset on the next billing day. Any minutes left unused at the end of a billing month will not be carried over to the next period.

Any National Minutes applied to calls will be rounded up to the nearest whole minute (e.g. A call of 4 minutes and 12 seconds will use 5 Free National Minutes), and up to 60 minutes will be applied to each eligible call with additional time billed at the standard residential per-minute rates. The Actrix Tolls 2hr capped calling rates do not apply to national calls made by customers with the 1,000 National Minutes service.

Only calls made using Actrix direct dial national calling may have National Minutes applied; all calls made using 0161, 059, or any other prefix will not be eligible for National Minutes.
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