Citylink Fibre
CityLink is an ultra-fast fibre-optic network operating in the Auckland and Wellington CBD's. If your building is already wired with CityLink fibre, we can connect you to the fastest Broadband network in New Zealand - just click here to ask for more information.

25Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps and 1Gbps Plans

Plan NameTraffic AllowanceExcess Usage
FibreByte11 GB $0.03/MB
FibreByte22 GB $0.03/MB
FibreByte55 GB$0.03/MB
FibreByte1010 GB$0.03/MB
FibreByte1515 GB$0.03/MB
FibreByte2020 GB $0.03/MB
FibreByte3030 GB$0.03/MB
FibreByte5050 GB$0.03/MB

The FibreByte plans don't include the monthly CityLink fee, but this can be added to your Actrix account if you would like to simplify your billing.

5 Mbps Plans

Plan NameTraffic AllowanceExcess Usage
FibreLite11 GB$0.03/MB
FibreLite5 5 GB$0.03/MB
FibreLite10 10 GB$0.03/MB
FibreLite2020 GB$0.03/MB
Mulitple IP Supportn/an/a
Router Leasen/an/a

If you don't see what you are after, just click here to ask and we can put together a custom package to meet your needs.

All plans include
  • Free National traffic
  • 10 virus and spam protected e-mail boxes
  • Usage breakdown through My Actrix
  • Same speed in both directions
All prices exclude GST.

* You must be in a building where CityLink already has a presence.
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