Feel like transferring your existing phone line to Actrix?

Actrix Homeline is a residential phone line plan that allows you to transfer your existing phone line to Actrix for just $45.90 per month (add $5 outside Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch) when bundled with any ADSL or VDSL Broadband plan. This is a standard home phone line and includes all the normal features you would expect from a land line service, such as:
  • Home phone line rental
  • 24/7 low cost & 2hr capped calling rates through Actrix Tolls
  • Unlimited local calling
  • 111 Emergency operator assistance
  • Your White Pages listing
Signing up for the Homeline service means you can take advantage of Additional Phone & Line Services which allow you to customise your Homeline service to suit you.

Phone ServiceCostFeatures
Call Minder$7.10A personalised answer phone service for your Homeline
Call Waiting$4.04Notifies you of incoming calls when your Homeline is in use
Call Diversion$4.04Allows you to divert incoming calls to another destination
Call Restriction$4.04Allows control of toll calling through pin code access
Caller Display$4.04Displays the phone number of incoming calls
Line ServiceCostFeatures
Faxability $4.04 Provides an additional phone number for your fax
Dual Number
$4.04 Provides you with two phone numbers on a single line
0900 Block Free Prevents calls to 0900 numbers
Wiring & Maintenance $3.02 Covers the cost of maintaining the wiring inside your house

For more information on how each of these services could benefit you, please click the name of the Service in the above charts.

Please note:
  • Homeline is not currently available as a stand alone service but can be bundled with any ADSL or VDSL Broadband plan.
  • Transfer of your existing line is FREE with a 12 month term ($50 early disconnection fee applies) - Note: We are not currently able to transfer TelstraClear InHome (cable) lines.
  • A New phone connection comes with a 12 month term ($75 early disconnection fee applies).
  • If you transfer or disconnect your Broadband we will no longer be able to provide Homeline.
  • There is a one month minimum billing cycle on all Additional Phone services and 30 days notice is required for cancellation
For more information take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions

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