Customer Testimonials

I want to compliment one of your excellent employees Eric he went to great lengths to help me, and also to Richard.

Dot | Posted 10/10/2016

I just wish to say thank you for the help that I have had over the last couple weeks in solving the problem that we had with our phone. I mention here: Peter, Richard, Chris and David. They all were so obliging and helpful, and nothing seemed any trouble. We have been with Actrix for 16 years now and cannot fault the service that you offer. Ther are many other people that over the years have also been so helpful. Thank you to a Great Team.

Neville & Glynnis | Posted 07/10/2016

To the team at Actrix thank you for outstanding support over the last few days.

Ian C. | Posted 05/10/2016

I've been a big fan of actrix for many years and the service has just gotten better and better over that time. This is just a quick message to once again praise the great work you guys have done in getting fibre installed in my new place. It takes good planning and great relationships with the right people to ensure implementation dates are met on time. Once again you guys have proven that when you plan things and provide dates to achieve outcomes, they actually do happen on those days. So between you guys and Chorus, brilliant work. Couldn’t suggest any improvements to your service because you’re already operating at a platinum standard. Keep up the good work.

Humphrey | Posted 04/10/2016

The fact that in today’s increasingly depersonalised world all calls to Actrix are responded to by a ‘walkin’ talkin’, living soul’ is a point of difference greatly appreciated from day-one of becoming a customer.People matter to people. Your staff  have invariably proved patient, positive and extremely helpful – bless ‘em all.

Peter | Posted 01/09/2016

I would like to pass on my appreciation for the Actrix helpdesk team. Every once in a while something goes wrong with our network connection and I phone your team for assistance. Invariably I get polite, patient and expert guidance. This morning was the most recent example. It took two fairly lengthy calls, first with Eric and then with Peter to resolve the issue but we got there in the end. Thanks to both of them. Actrix may not be the cheapest service available but the standard of your help service makes up for any minor cost differential. This is reflected in the annual comparisons of user satisfaction ratings. Keep it up. Tom

Tom | Posted 10/08/2016

Ka kite Vodafone and crap service. Hello to the Best little ISP in New Zealand - Actrix. Just got connected to ultra fast broadband with Actrix. Actrix made everything a breeze. Even the Chorus contractors were great. If you're considering a new ISP I recommend Actrix. Thank you Howard Lewis.

Boris | Posted 21/07/2016

A big thank you to your team after having my Ultra Fast Broadband installed. My internet was going fine but I had no phone. Your team established that Chorus had not connected the leads correctly. A big thanks in particular to Chris for efforts and patience on a Sunday afternoon.Regards, Ian.

Ian | Posted 18/07/2016

We recently moved into a new sub division in Kumeu Auckland with the resulting challenges of getting UFB installed.  Add to that we boarded with family for around 5 months.  Throughout this whole period we wanted continued email services and then of course, a UFB account with the ISP. As has been the history of our time with Actrix, the service support has been nothing short of outstanding, whether it is just arranging for continued email accounts to connecting with Chorus, and then sorting out the data network in the house (not an Actrix problem actually), we received service that must be one of the star performances of any service provider.  The staff in support , Howard (who went way out of his way his way to solve our installation issues), Caitlin and Carl are staff that are absolute gold for a service provider.  We cannot say enough about this organisation, other than to strongly recommend them to others (and we do regularly). Thank you Actrix team, you must be one of the top performers in the industry if not the best. Kindest regards and may you grow from strength to strength, you deserve to.

Harold and Mary | Posted 18/07/2016

I would like to take some time thanking your team very much for the wonderful service you gave me, in the last few days when I had no telephone or internet service.  Last Thursday evening at 6pm, our telephone and internet stopped working. From the time I first telephoned Actrix to advise you of the fault on Thursday evening, to the time it was finally connected at 10.30am today, I was given wonderful service. I particularly appreciated the telephone call from Brendon this morning, to confirm our telephone and internet was now working.  Very good customer service with follow up. Can you please pass on my thanks to Brendon.

Rachel | Posted 13/07/2016

Thanks for the swift reply from Caitlin, and for exemplifying what customer service should look like! Swift response from somebody who read my email, understood my questions, answered all of them — and can write complete sentences. Sadly it’s a rare experience these days, so thank you for doing your job so very well. While I singled Caitlin out, it’s typical of every interaction I’ve had with Actrix.

Rachel | Posted 12/07/2016
Last week my sister was having trouble connecting to the internet. The fault was in the main system which was repaired and she then needed to reconnect her modem to the internet. My sister is deaf, so she needed me to act as intermediary on the telephone between herself and your staff member Rhys. It was a very frustrating and time consuming experience but Rhys remained calm, patient and helpful throughout. I wish to convey my appreciation for his thoroughly professional and compassionate demeanour while assisting us to reconnect the modem. He is a treasure and an asset to your business. Regards, Mary
Mary | Posted 11/07/2016
I wanted to write to say how pleased I have been with your service in getting my connection up and running. Through the process your staff have been attentive, courteous, helpful and professional and when they've said that something will happen on such and such a date, well it has happened as promised - all too rare nowadays. Particular compliments to Caitlin on [provisioning] who has been just great to deal with. Pay her more or do something nice to hold onto her - she's very good at her job :-)
Declan | Posted 30 November 2015
Thank you for making my Internet and phone connection happen. It was something of a trial and you all excelled yourselves in your customer service. This letter is about showing you my appreciation for the work you put in. I would like to make particular mention of Caitlin. Caitlin, your handling of my case and your dealings with me were exemplary. I am grateful for your efforts. Thank you for bearing with me. I would also like to thank Peter for pushing this job along at crucial stages.
Mark | Posted 17 November 2015
...We are absolutely delighted with the way your staff and contractors have managed our change-over to Actrix. You made the effort and found out that “DSL copper based broadband service to our property is delivered by the cabinet next to the school” (something we did not know before).

Three other ISPs we contacted did not bother to find out, told us we were 12th in line, put us on hold forever or did not ring back. In total contrast, Actrix staff were actually ‘available’, polite and knowledgeable and answered all our questions immediately.

So thanks very much and we will recommend Actrix to our neighbours down the road.

Jurgen | Posted 13 November 2015
Congratulations to you and your staff.

I recently transferred my phone account to Actrix after reading the Consumer customer reviews.

The transfer from Flip was convoluted. Your staff eventually got it sorted.

They were friendly, professional and customer focused. They were prompt in answering my calls.

After my experiences with Spark and Flip I can only say that I am very grateful to now be one of your subscribers.
Trevor | Posted 9 November 2015
Please pass a word of thanks on to Carl, who clearly and patiently explained how Wi-Fi works to my techno-phobic 83-yr-old mum. She was able to fix the problem herself which saved me a lot of time. There aren’t many ISPs that live up to their customer service claims. Good on you Actrix, keep it up.
Adrian | Posted 20 October 2015
Congratulations, you are just the best! Customer since 2000.
Leslie | Posted 5 October 2015
I have had Jeff three times now and he is the most helpful person he is so patient with old ladies like me.
Dot | Posted 9 September 2015
Can you please pass on my thanks to your customer support team! And keep up the great work! Simply love being an Actrix customer!

...It’s just so nice [getting help from] people who are friendly, understanding and simply pleasant to deal with!

Also you know it takes a lot for me to praise people! Maybe I’m getting soft in my old age? Or the group of people and the teams are putting together are just that good!
Dan | Posted 1 September 2015
Just wanted to let you know that your customer service team is so good to deal with and I am always impressed, yesterday I was speaking with Carl who was very polite and patient, very refreshing, so well done.
Debbie | Posted 1 September 2015
My thanks to Peter who spent a long time and exercised so much patience in trying to fix my inability to get e-mail.

I eventually rebooted the modem and that seems to have fixed the problem. Computers are sometimes very frustrating things.
Brian | Posted 9 July 2015
Just want to say Caitlin that your service - both your quick and informative email and then phone support - were superb. Much appreciated.

Kind regards
Martin | Posted 7 July 2015
I have been with Actrix for over 15 years. I still carry out lot of business activities daily while I travel to many countries on holidays. I have found your services to be great and had no problem carrying out my business activities from anywhere in the world.

So many UK companies had asked me to join them but I feel as you are providing an excellent service to your customers and I still prefer to stay with you. Wish you all the best in trying to keep your service at the top end.

Yours sincerely
Dr. K | Posted 6 July 2015
I would just like to give some feedback on your customer service. I recently moved houses and had connection issues. Tom from your office helped me out and went out of his way to help. I commend him on his patience and great customer service. Hope he is rewarded for the amazing work he does. Employees like him will keep your customers happy :)

Many thanks
Marlene | Posted 30 June 2015
I have to highly recommend the support person who assisted me last evening with the technical problems I was experiencing due to changing IP providers.

This was from Spark to Actrix and although at the time I was unimpressed with the fact that my internet was not working after the changeover. The support person had a great deal of patience and went out of his way to facilitate the change and was prepared to work with me to find a remedy and resolve it.

So once again thank you for your support and persistence and for being courteous and polite at all times even with put under pressure by me.

Kindest Regards
June | Posted 26 June 2015
I would like the appropriate people to know of the outstanding service provided by one of your support staff, Tom A.

I rang up this morning to request assistance with some email related issues that I have been experiencing over the last few weeks. Despite it being a lengthy issue to resolve, Tom was very professional, polite and extremely supportive.

It is very satisfying that a customer is treated in such a way. I really appreciated having our email problem sorted, and feel that it is important for senior members of Actrix to know that your support staff are meeting your customer needs.

Tony | Posted 23 June 2015
To Tom and the team: Many thanks for the time you spent helping me over Wed/Thurs this week with broadband. I very much appreciate the patience you showed.

Chorus called by this morning and confirmed that all was well with the line, and that I had hooked everything up correctly... So, thanks again to you all and especially Tom.

Kind regards
Mary | Posted 22 June 2015
...Actrix service was outstanding. Tom over the weekend and David this evening [helped with] a new Office 365 [install] on my new computer.

It is so good to have a call Centre based in good old NZ. Consumers NZ Rate Actrix as one of the Best ISP’s in NZ.
IANWC | Posted 19 June 2015
Great news on your awards. We have been customers of yours since 1999. ...The confidence we had with service and support was a key to continuing with Actrix at home and in business. We have had nothing but great experiences from the Actrix team. Support, even on matters that were perhaps not directly Actrix's, have been dealt with in a prompt, measured, professional, and friendly manner. Keep the good work coming!
Ian & Kris | Posted 17 June 2015
Thank you and the Actrix staff for all the help you have given me... My password was changed [and] the modem had not been reconfigured... I decided to ring Actrix, as I was certain there would be someone there, and did get someone too... Thank you very much for your help.

I have been with Actrix went I bought my first computer... and I had a year’s free 100 hours dial up internet with you. I have had great service, and several of the bigger companies have tried to get me to change. I have always said I am happy with Actrix.
Selby | Posted 15 June 2015
Dear Actrix - as a customer since 1995 I'd like to add my small bit to your other accolades. Excellent service in every way I'm aware of, with advice often beyond obligations given willingly to an admitted techno amateur.

As well as those who've told you that they find your service excellent you should know that there are many more who do but don't get around to telling you.

I've never had any inclination to change from Actrix and have suggested to several friends that they give you a try after trouble with other ISPs, which they have done and then remained loyal, doubtless with good reason.

All the best for our futures together.
Graham | Posted 10 June 2015
The best part thing about customer service at Actrix is never needing to call it … because my service always works. That's the first reason I so enthusiastically recommend Actrix to friends looking for a new ISP.

Second, when I needed to talk to someone when I was deciding which ISP to use, it was easy to get through to real people who helped. So it's great you've improved things, but your service was already so far ahead of other companies!

In short, just emailing to say you guys are awesome and I am a very happy customer.
Rachel | Posted 8 June 2015
Hi Team, Thanks to the outstanding help received from Tom [on] Sunday 10/05... a very patient and helpful team player. [An] asset to the Actrix Team.
IANWC | Posted 25 May 2015
In the last week I have suddenly and urgently needed to open two new email addresses... which I needed to keep distinct from each other and my normal private emailing etc.

My initial enquiry to Actrix was probably a bit naïve, but I received an immediate response which was most helpful, and I then went through the rigmarole (excuse the expression) of working out account names and passwords, all of which I managed to make a mess of both first and second times around.

I was patiently and politely steered through this by Caitlin – even during the weekend, which really surprised me, and it’s all up and running perfectly. She has my high commendation for this...
David | Posted 21 May 2015
I assisted my neighbour this morning to install a replacement modem.. Thanks to Tom at Actrix the whole process went very well.. Thank you Tom
Anonymous | Posted 15 May 2015
Just the best, always - thank you and congratulations!
Jan | Posted 12 May 2015
We have been Actrix customers for many years simply because when we want help there is always someone on the phone to do so, regardless of our ineptitude with technology. Any improvements you make will only enhance your customer satisfaction. Keep up the good work. Regards
Elwyn | Posted 4 May 2015
I would like to thank you very sincerely for all the effort you made to enable us to have “Caller Display” on our home phone. You have achieved what Telecom have shown no interest in doing for several years! Despite an “internal” hiccup (now resolved) involving our main in-line phone, we are now able to use “Caller Display” on both home phones. Please accept our grateful thanks for your “doggedness”! Sincerely
Lois | Posted 1 May 2015
Thanks guys (and, I hope guyesses). We have been with you for a long time and have never had to complain. Keep to your knitting, we appreciate it.
Frances | Posted 29 Apr 2015
Many thanks for your help after our powercut. I think it was David with Canadian accent. Just awesome - Please make sure his manager sees this please. Regards,
John | Posted 28 Apr 2015
I was just reading the Testimonials on the Actrix main web page, and thought I'd echo a comment by one of the other customers (regarding the level of Actrix phone support).

I recently had a PC corruption of some sort, and was unable to use email. The nature of the problem made it very hard to diagnose, and it was difficult to revert to a clean restore point. I thought at one point I'd have to do a clean re-install of Windows 7, which I was hoping to avoid.

The 'Peters' who were manning the Support Desk one week-end were extremely helpful, even to the extent where one of them called in on his way home just to have a look for himself and to check a few items.

I have been an Actrix customer for a long time, so this level of help is much appreciated, and one of the reasons why I've been happy to remain a customer. Keep up the good work.

Nils | Posted 24 Apr 2015
I wish to let the powers that be at Actrix know that Peter C is a most patient and polite customer support person. As I am not that computer savvy he was a god send. I knew there has been a reason while I have stayed with Actrix all these years and this is why. His service was outstanding. Just letting you all know.

Kindest regards
Janice M | Posted 13 Apr 2015
I have just moved location [and] taken my internet plan and phone with me. Awesome change over, staff were available to help. That's rare these days, and the wait was minimal and their first language was English. Brilliant - Well done guys, you deserve all the positive feedback you get. Will recommend you to my friends.
Rosie | Posted 18 Mar 2015
I have been with Actrix forever, and have to admit to being very happy with the service. The support people are always knowledgeable and nice to deal with.
Glennis | Posted 16 Mar 2015
I continue to be very happy and satisfied with Actrix's excellent service.
Anonymous | Posted 16 Mar 2015
Congratulations guys, well deserved top ranked ISP. Right from the beginning we have not been able to fault the service provided, and that's been many years now.
Barry | Posted 16 Mar 2015
Hi, have really appreciated all the help you all have given us. Your support staff are always friendly patient and very helpful. Hope your company are very successful in 2015 Thanks heaps,
Michelle | Posted 4 March 2015
I would like to thank Sophie for the wonderful service she provided to me... She was so patient with a computer dummy and soon had me back on line. Please convey my grateful thanks to her. The service at Actrix over the many years we have been a customer has been A1, and we are so pleased we chose you. I hear many of my friends having trouble with their providers and am thankful we are with Actrix. Regards,
Elaine | Posted 16 Feb 2014
Just wanted to let you know how much I've appreciated the response I've received from your Actrix Support team in the last week.

Firstly the email indicating how close we were to using our full monthly broadband allowance was really useful and so much better than only finding out afterwards.

It also alerted us to something unusual going on and the first person I spoke to was very helpful in talking me through the graphs of broadband usage and what they meant.

Since then I have had numerous email and phone conversations with members of your team and each one impressed me with how responsive they were to my concerns and committed to resolving them.

Caitlin is the only name I have and she has been brilliant today trying to solve our mystery uploading issues.

Please pass on my thanks for they way they minimised our frustration and made us feel that they were really on our side.

Jan | Posted 4 Feb 2015
I am a long time customer, but need to re-express my appreciation of the service Actrix gives. Over and above the call of duty, I'd have thought. Thanks Actrix.
Allison | Posted 26 Jan 2015
...We’ve been getting a lot of enticement from other ISP’s but we’ve stuck with you (for almost 15 years now) because of good customer service. We’ve been to your [old] office at Wakefield Street a couple of times and been satisfied with the help you people have provided. Again thanks again for going the extra mile… God bless you all!
France | Posted 12th Jan 2015
"Actrix has been a beacon in this mess of regulatory changes... we've been a customer for 14 years and have no complaints about Actrix."
M | Posted 15th December 2014
Thanks to David in the DNS team. His service is first rate. Great guy to deal with.
The Greengrocer | Posted 5th November 2014
Hi guys, nearly changed and went with Spark so I had a query and rang their help line. After 6 minutes my call was answered by a person with english as a second language. Staying with you folks because of your quick response to my queries and we understand each other. Keep up the good work
Gene | Posted 23 October 2014
May I congratulate you on your initiatives to ensure calls are handled promptly. With your competitors? Having people waiting for up to an hour to get through listening to inane music or ads... you really do deserve to thrive with this initiative.

It is a major point of difference and I always recommend you over the others. On a personal note I have had to use the helpline on several occasions and always found it to be the most efficient I have come across.

Thank you for your continued service in this way.
DS | Posted 23 October 2014
...We are [a] long term customer and remain impressed with the level of service you guys provide. I consistently respond to offers from other providers with a “Not interested, thanks” before they even have time to give me details.
J | Posted 23 October 2014’s nice to be kept up to date with all that is going on with Actrix. Keep up the good work
Edna | Posted 23 October 2014
...As far as Telecommunication providers go, Actrix would rate at number one by a long shot in my books. The way you guys treat customers is far superior to any other ISP in New Zealand, and the service continues well after [sign up].

I simply would not care if Actrix was slightly more pricey than other providers, because this extra level of care for your customers is worth far more than any monetary figure. Actrix has, since we became customers of yours, been impeccable in their service and follow up. Any other provider I have ever been with doesn't even come close for service. Maybe Actrix should start running classes for other service providers to teach them a lesson or 2? Haha.

Actrix is, as far as I'm concerned, the best in New Zealand for service and response. For this reason, we will never go to another provider, regardless of their pricing.

Please pass on to your management, and the rest of the support team, how one of your customers feels. I know I am only one in a massive number of clients you will have, but the help and support received from Actrix during difficult times has made it that little more bearable.

I look forward to remaining an Actrix customer long into the foreseeable future.

Kindest regards
Ray | Posted 20th October 2014
Dear Actrix, Thank you for the recent update and news. Although I have no use for [Actrix Faceblock] I would like you to know that I really appreciate the service I get when I call you with a problem. Being able to talk face to face with a 'techo' has been immensely helpful to me recently, and in the past.

Although I don’t call often this service is one of the main reasons why I stay with you and often tell others how good I find you.

So a very big Thank You for your help and your customer services.
John | Posted 15 October 2014
Greetings to all. I should be grateful if you would pass on to your David my sincere thanks for the valuable assistance and advice he provided my daughter Janet last Monday when she was seeking advice about an iPad not connected to the internet. Thanks Mate.

My regards,
Richard | Posted 14th October 2014
I would like to thank your staff for all the outstanding help I receive for the problems I have been having with my internet... Tom this morning and Cameron this afternoon; your team are very patient and helpful at all times. I guess this is why you are always Number ONE Internet Provider as per Consumer Magazine. Regards,
Ian C. | Posted 13th October 2014
Well done - keep up the good work
S & L | Posted 25 September 2014
Last week my old modem "died" or couldn't be resuscitated despite over an hour of effort by one of your Help Team.

You have sent me a new Wireless Modem to replace it and, for that and for the help, I am so grateful.

Even as a totally non-techno 85-year old, I was able to hook it up and imagine my joy to get straight back on line! Well done Actrix.

I've been with you for 14 1/2 years and I shall never change :-)

Alistair | Posted 17 September 2014
Just letting you know after having a few problems with my computer, and spending time talking to your wonderful staff last night, & Peter this morning, Actrix certainly have the most helpful, and pleasant staff to help solve our every need. Thanks for all your help this morning Peter, it was much appreciated.

Anita | Posted 12th August 2014
...I would like to give positive feedback to the customer supporter representative I rang at 4:45pm on 5/08/2014...

I was helped by one of the staff and [was] walked through from A-B to fix the problem [with] the Internet connection.

Also I asked for VDSL and was helped with more explanation about if VDSL right for me or not and what would be the speed difference between current ADSL and VDSL.

The way I was treated I don't see that in many company specific in phone line support helpers... I forgot to take his name but honestly he deserves positive feedback.

Find him and give him a small award to make him continue doing the good job.
Ali | Posted 7th August 2014
It is great to see the continuing emphasis on service. That's what makes Actrix a winner!

I have been a customer of Actrix since my first exploration of the Internet. That was before the days of browsers when difficult to remember and complicated commands were required to access what were, if I remember rightly, mostly bulletin boards in those days. In those days there was a 'known personally' relationship. That's what kept me with Actrix when, for a time, Actrix service deteriorated markedly and I nearly left for what seemed better service elsewhere. Then Actrix addressed the problem of poor service, solved it, and has provided the top line service that has kept me in my Actrix home ever since.

When I have had to visit you personally say, to borrow a modem to help solve a problem, I have always felt welcome. I haven't visited you at your new premises yet but I am sure that when I do that will not have changed.

I look forward to many more years of Actrix service.

John | Posted 1st August 2014
A very belated, and very well earned, thank you for your work in general, and in the power cut in particular. Your telephone answerers certainly earned any bonus you gave them.

Thank you! And good luck to both old and new actrix staff!
Stephanie | 21th July 2014
Thanks to the Actrix team for checking out the problem with our internet, and resolving the problem. Chorus found a crack in the pipe on the road, which probably let in water and caused the signal to cut out.

Well done guys! I have the impression that we are your only customer, but I am sure this is not the case but evidence of your personal attention to everyone’s problems. When we move to another house at the end of the year Actrix is the first thing we will pack !

Tom | 8th July 2014
I am sending this e-mail to express my thanks and gratitude of the exceptional Customer Service I received from Cameron at Actrix.

I phoned Actrix on Saturday afternoon needing help as had problems with my new laptop receiving e-mails. I appreciated the time Cameron took with helping me and the patience he had dealing with someone who has only a little computer knowledge.

He has a friendly, professional manner and nothing was too much trouble for him. He has a good knowledge about computers and was able to solve my problems with my laptop. I will remain a customer of Actrix with the high standard of customer service I have received.

Many thanks again from a satisfied customer.

Yours faithfully,
Denise | 30th June 2014

Many 'thank yous' for the informative update on whats happening at Actrix - nice to know. I too would like to put my 'bobs worth' in and say every time I have had to ring the help desk the staff have been brilliant. You all do a fantastic job at Actrix, keep up the good work. I have ever only been with you chaps, but have recommended you to many. Strangely enough, some people have never heard of Actrix, so I give them a wee [spiel] on being NZs first internet provider and always winning the top award for service... but I get my point across anyhow, and always give you guys a great rap.


N. | 26th June 2014
Hi.. Thank you for your letter and... updates. I will just go along with what ever you do so long as it does not cost me any more money. I am very satisfied with your attention of me.

Very sincerely yours,
Doreen | 24th June 2014
Thanks for your latest update. Whilst I like to let you staff know individually when they have done a great job, I thought your email an opportune time to let you know that you have some wonderful people. I appreciate their helpful and patient approach for the less IT literate among us, their respectful way of dealing with us (there are no dumb questions), and their excellent communication skills. Keep on hiring those kind of staff and you'll go far. Telecom have tried to lure us away, but we have firmly told them that we prefer Actrix.

Kind regards
Kim | 19th June 2014
For what its worth, I don’t believe your customer service could be improved. Its always been quick, courteous, effective and, not least, patient and understanding with clueless clients.
David P | 13th June 2014
You guys are truly wonderful and, as often as I can, I tell people to join up with you
A.T. | 9th June 2014
Can it get any better than it is already? Wendy and I consider that we made the right choice with you. Excellent, patient and helpful service and support since we joined in 1995.

Best wishes
Graham and Wendy | 28th May 2014
We have been with Actrix for ages and really appreciate the service provided.
M | 28th May 2014
We thank you for your reliable services...
L & R | 27th May 2014
Congratulations on the very fine service and support you and your Team are providing both past and present. Yours Sincerely,
J | 26th May 2014's great to know that when I do get stuck you guys are always there to talk me through it. Yes even a numbskull like me! So just a word of appreciation for your patient help over the years, and long may you continue.
Jack | 22nd May 2014
Thanks for the great work. We have been with Actrix since 1994 and are happy to recommend you. Great to see you guys doing so well in the Consumer surveys as well.

David | 21st May 2014
Great service keep up the good work.
John | 20th May 2014
Hi Actrix, I'd just like to thank you for the service we have had from you over the years. We have been your customer for about 20 years. Your service is much appreciated.
Len | 15th May 2014
May I congratulate you on a fantastic company and service. No doubt you’ve heard plenty of stories before about why customers come over but I would like to share ours.

We live right on the edge of Broadband capability in Wanganui on a lifestyle block. Our previous provider whom we had been with for many years informed us when we moved here “don’t know if we can provide Broadband, chuck us $80 to find out when we re-connect you." $80 extra bucks and no broadband.

We were using Data via a smartphone- which became very expensive with children at school/online etc. We tried another large provider after seeing their advert- only to be told the same thing. [...]

I tripped over your website and when I made contact I was very pleasantly surprised to find out “we’ll do a deep-level check first to see if we can” (answer was yes) then “we’ll do the connection, there will be no charge if it doesn’t work. We can’t charge a customer for something they can’t have.”

Connection went in [without a problem] and we have enjoyed good speeds and far cheaper rates for internet etc. For that I thank you and your team unreservedly. I spout your praises to all who I discuss this topic with “why is it the two biggest telcos in NZ can’t do what a little company in Wellington can?”

I used to own my own business and never ceased to amaze me about how a little bit of special service, a little bit of extra care can make a huge difference and gain a customer for life. I wish you and your team all the best- keep doing what you’re doing!

Roger | 12th May 2014
I have to say that the service we have received from Actrix over the years is fabulous. We have had very, very few problems, which is a testament in itself, and the problems we have had, have been managed responsibly, professionally and comprehensively. Well done. We have never considered moving to another provider as the service has been excellent.

Lianne and William | 9th May 2014
I have been an Actrix customer for many years now, and have always been impressed with how your staff fix any problems, and spend the time needed to resolve your issues. This is why I continue on with Actrix despite all the calls I get from other companies to join up with them. Keep up the great work. Regards
Anita | 8th May 2014

We joined Actrix back in about 1990 and until 2012 had excellent service. We then moved to the South Island and could not get Actrix where we were moving to. We still kept paying the $5 a month so we could keep our email address.

We recently realised that Actrix had expanded to the South and quickly rang to have Actrix as our provider. The switchover went really smoothly at Actrix's end. The guys were so helpful, and efficient. If they said they were going to ring back they did so.

David B in particular went above the call of duty and helped me ensure that both my iPhone and iPad were set up correctly so that I could receive email […]

We had a small problem with us not being able to make toll calls (free with our bundle we chose) and it only took the guys 20 minutes to sort the problem out.

Once again we are pleased to have you as our provider. Keep up the great work.


Debbie and Mike | 26th March 2014

I just wish to acknowledge the good service we received early this week after our WiFi Modem Router failed to work.

On Saturday evening (4th Jan) we rang your help desk and explained the problem. We were told a replacement would be arranged on Monday (6th). Details were exchanged to ensure the replacement could be attached without delay.

The replacement was picked up on Tuesday (7th) from your office (we were offered delivery).

The new modem router worked immediately. It was good to experience a smooth arrangement working as promised. Thank you,

John | 11th January 2014

Your Season’s Greetings are warmly reciprocated. I’ve been an Actrix customer for as long as I’ve had a computer, and, despite the blandishments of other providers, fully intend to continue as such I haven’t needed much support of late (touchwood!) but have greatly appreciated the seemingly endless patience of your people when I have. It means a lot. With thanks and best regards,

Jack W | 11th December 2013

Hi Actrix Team,
I was helped by a gentleman named Filipe. I would like to say that the advice and patience of this man was fantastic in helping me solve the problem. I have always received warm and friendly (and helpful) advice from your team, and I would like to once again thank you.
Kind regards,

Randy S | 5th December 2013

A friend of mine from Greytown has just changed to Actrix for his home broadband and phone. He is thrilled, won’t stop going on about how good it is and he wanted me to pass on his sincere thanks to you, and to tell you that he’s going to “spread the word” about you guys. 

Name Withheld | 2013

I would like to thank you Guys for the wonderful service you give, I have been with Actrix since 1999 and couldn’t wish for a more helpful bunch of folk, after four new computers over that time, your staff have had the patience of Job with me, being not too conversant with the technology, (but still able to have ago) and their perseverance has prevailed so many times.
This does make life so much easier for an old codger like me, As they say you rock!!! in these days in more ways than one, it was scary enough in Nelson, I was so protective of my new computer, I just held onto it as it was downloading MB of data at the time so thanks for keeping up your wonderful service credit where credit is due............ Thanks again Sheridan

Sheridan & Patsy, Nelson

I initially joined Actrix due to their high customer satisfaction ratings in Consumer magazine. I have previously been with Slingshot and Xtra but their customer service was appalling.
I am happy to say that the Actrix service has always been excellent and in some cases, even better than that! (when I was trying to connect my Blu-Ray to the internet last fortnight).
With the current plans, the offerings are also competitive and my natural skepticism was overcome very quickly once I joined. I am slowly but surely converting my friends/acquaintances.
Wishing you plenty of continued success.


Great to hear you're expanding. Actrix came recommended and has been our ISP for the last four years - the service we receive is awesome!
Best regards

Chris, Taranaki

I wanted to write to acknowledge an actrix employee who was SO helpful to us on the phone today, his exceptional customer service, his lovely demeanour and great knowledge was amazing. His name was Brett (from New York). Thank you.

I have been a very satisfied client of Actrix for all the years since I first signed up on the 18th Nov 2000. The service has been excellent from your support team, I sincerely thank them.
Gary, Nelson

I would just like to say thanks to your support staff who patiently worked through this problem with me until it was resolved. The service was great and has continued to vindicate my decision to change to Actrix a few years ago.

Spencer, Tauranga